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15 May 1987
Hello lost person,

Fancy you finding my journal (I know you dont know me; everyone that knows me knows that theres nothing worth reading here). But all the same: hello, how are you today?

Im 20-somthing (incase I dont edit for the next several years) and I havent a clue who I am. You'd think I'd have an idea by now; but alas I still find myself unpredictable.
I enjoy buying DVD's - though only watch them through necessity. I'm a fan of music - though find buying them a complete waste of money.
And thats pretty much where my hobbies lie. Though if you read my CV (resume) you'll notice a lot more listed. These are - of course - lies. One has to make their future employer think that they are well-rounded and have interests in things other than drinking and getting laid.

I work in one of BT's many offices doing very little. I have a BT e-mail address so I'm pretty stoked about that. I also have shoes. I dont like shoes. But etiquet requires me to wear them while at work (btw, if you're not British, I'm refering to 'dress shoes' and not 'anything you put on your feet'). Despite my uber-posh job of going on facebook and not answering the phone, I also work part time in a Juice Bar. I dont like it much, though. Its fun working at an airport (people watching is great) but working as a juicer/barista just. plane. sucks. Metaphorically bending over for some extra cash sucks. Expecially when you're doing it for half the wages due to taxation.
Lets not be confused by my political orientation, though. I am still a socialist (albeit with many developing conservative views) so I'm not against my taxation. I just think i should be payed more to compensate :)

I have very little happening in my life. Job instability is pretty much the only things exciting about me. And I don't like job instability (no matter how much I fantasize about it while 'having a moment').
Alas, this means my journal is more-or-less me bantering on about bus passes and reminiscing about what it was like back when I had a life. If this doesn't interest you (and it shouldnt) then I bid you farewell and good luck in search of another random friend.

If it does interest you then you should ask yourself this question: why?

And until you can answer that yourself, I bit you adieu.

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*~*Dont look at me with that tone of voice*~*

I wrote this a couple years back. I like it.
~"I know you are but what am I" I recently heard this again. All children who say this should be hung by their ancles for three days and fed nothing but live grasshoppers during that time. All non-children who say this should be shot no questions asked.

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