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Posted on 25:10:2006 at 20:31

After the recent documentary about Sesamestreet, I have become increasingly interested in it.

This is the original 'tickle-me-elmo'. It didn't do well while with test subjects, so now we have the legendary 'tickle me elmo'.

Bert is a party animal. Here we see him at Woodstock

However, there is speculation that Bert isn't even of this planet.

He is here to kill our leaders, and intimidate those leaders that arent too influential. (Bil Gates)

Such as JFK. Article:

In this rarely seen photo, we see Bert standing in the side lines a few seconds before the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We have sources who claim that Lee Harvey Oswald and Bert were friends in Korea. Though no proof directly points to Bert's involvement in this ghastly shard of history... we wouldn't be too surprised if he was.

Recently the investigating party found out that the picture in which Lee Harvey was shot had been tampered with. After intensive restoration it showed that Bert, allegedly Oswald's friend, widnessed the shooting. It raises a bunch of new questions, was Oswald supposed to die before he could point Bert as his accomplice?

He was there for the bombing of the US bombing in Tanzania.

Here he is gloating infront of the ruckage.

Let us not forget the steps he has taken to disguise himself in the past

This is a very rare picture of Bert before his nose correction. In the early days, when Bert was still a small time criminal, the New York police had a very good profile on Bert. That's why he chose to get a nose job. You can see Ernie holding Bert's new nose! This picture was found in Ernie's old photo album.

His surgery was prompt and nose put in place even when the other wounds from the street still hadn't healed. You'll notice here is the gang that Bert put together. He was the ringleader, letting his boys do the dirty work for hin.
Before the fall of gang they were known for their expensive cars and reckless driving. It didnt matter to them; they'd just buy another one.

This was hardly his first nose change. He's been switching around and currently is back at his original nose (which is, of course, fake). The following historical portraits show what he used to look like between the times that he had access to ailen plastic surgery technology, and underground earth plastic surgery technology.

Yes, thats right, JFK was just for fun; revenge so-to-speak, for failing to completely destroy the human race so many years ago.

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