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Cinderella Consperacy

Posted on 20:10:2006 at 18:51


I've had it
Okay guys, listen up.


Her hair is, to use the technical word, titian. Basically, it's a light shade of reddish brown, which is sort of a medley of red, brown, and blonde. A very nice hair color. A relatively common hair color on human beings. A VERY POPULAR HAIR COLOR IN THE 1950s, WHEN THIS MOVIE WAS MADE.

"She sure looks blonde on the DVD," you say. WELL, GUESS WHAT. DISNEY SCREWED UP THE COLOR ON THE DVD. I kid you not. They basically went through and blondified Cinderella.

I know for a fact that her hair is not supposed to be the color that it is on the DVD (as in, the color on my tape didn't deteriorate so bad that it made it look darker than it should be), because if you compare the video and the publicity images from the time, as well as those made up until about 15 years ago, it's the same: titian. Light reddish brown. And guess what else? On the bonus features, there's a comparison of film and storyboard in which the movie plays in the lower right hand corner with the storyboard in the background. AND IN THIS BONUS FEATURE, CINDERELLA'S HAIR IS THE CORRECT COLOR. Her hair is also correct in the "If You Can Dream" music videos, the trailers for the film that you see on TV, and various other sources. I think it's revolting that the actual movie on the DVD got so screwed up.

Also, the color that they made her hair on the DVD wasn't even possible in the 1940s-1950s, when this movie was made. That shade of yellow is a digital color.

I'm sorry, but this blonde thing is a product of the blonde phenomenon that has overcome our culture. It's disgusting that they can think that they can screw with the colors so much on the DVD and inflict our generations preference of digital color over paint onto a fifty-year old movie. I don't know if they did it on purpose to brainwash the masses, or if the restoration committee seriously thought that was how her hair was supposed to be. But either way, it is WRONG and I am ANGRY.

And don't even get me started on how much they wacked up the brightness/contrast on Beauty and the Beast. The whole thing looks digital and any semblance of shading was removed on the DVD. It's disgusting. Hand-painted animation is an art, people. Your watered-down digital colors can't cut it. And this isn't just me. My roommate Jenna had a full-on freak out when she saw what they did to Beauty and the Beast, and I didn't even tell her about it beforehand. She promptly went out and bought a new copy of the VHS so she could have the movie with the correct colors. That's how obvious it is.

This is disgusting and needs to be stopped. And Cinderella's hair needs to stop being yellow on merchandise or I'm going to scream. Aurora is blonde. Cinderella is not.


nikkiscarlet at 2006-10-21 05:40 (UTC) (Link)
The funny thing is, this girl is on my friends list. I saw this post in her journal about a week ago. XD Small LJ! :D
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